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The Eureka Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business and professional people, along with individuals, whose collective purpose is the promotion of the civic, industrial and commercial advancement for the community. The Chamber of Commerce speaks for collective business enterprise. The Chamber’s purpose is to develop a better community for each business and its employees.

The Chamber has a strong awareness that this community is made up of people who are concerned with the future of the Eureka area. Cities don’t just “grow”. People “make cities happen” – people with vision and confidence. The Chamber is an organization where they can join with others who have special expertise and interest in problem solving. This interest, of course, is not only in industry but in tourism and community service. Membership in the Chamber serves as an interdependent network through which large-scale projects can receive support and encouragement. Investing in a community is the vehicle through which many programs are generated .

To delegate Chamber activities there are committees made up of board members and Chamber members. These committees include – Executive, Nominating, Membership and Networking, Advertising & Publications, Visitors, Events & Development and Government & Business Advisory.

The Eureka Chamber of Commerce has long been a driving force in the community. It is known to be the “Voice of Business” in the Eureka area. But, the Chamber’s strength and vitality comes only from a strong and supportive membership. In short, you need the Chamber and the Chamber needs you!

2018 Garage Sale & Swap Meet at 6 Flags St. Louis

Whether you are a vendor or a shopper you don’t want to miss the 11th Annual Garage Sale & Swap Meet. Download a form for more information:  Vendor-ApplicationFinal.

Important Vendor Details:

Vendor spots are two parking spaces front to back (40ft long by 18ft wide)

Gates will open for vendors between 5:30am and 6:00am.  Early Bird shoppers are allowed entrance at 7:00am followed by the general public at 8:00am

Event ends at 2:00pm, Vendors must be off grounds by 4:00pm

Event is held rain or shine.

What we do. . .

Membership in the Eureka Chamber of Commerce provides you with the opportunity to make new customer contacts, network with your fellow members and enhance your overall lead generation and selling efforts.

As the premier Eureka-area organization for business growth and development, we can help you:

increase your customer base by networking with fellow members
stay informed by attending seminars and attending networking events
gain significant visibilty by attending or sponsoring Chamber events, i.e. Golf Tournament, Eureka Days, President’s Ball and General monthly luncheons.
Be heard! The Chamber refers member businesses when it is contacted for references to local merchants and services.