Carry Your Wife

The Eureka Chamber of Commerce Presents :

The North American Wife Carrying Competition!

Saturday October 7th at BrookDale Farms.
First Heat takes the line at 12pm


Yah we are so serious.  Sign up for this one of a kind race where guys carry their gals 278 yards through an obstacle course.

Is it Fun?

Well Yah. Look at the picture, that guy is having the experience of a lifetime and so can you!


Did I mention the winning pair gets the FEMALES WEIGHT IN BEER ?   And 2nd and 3rd get consolation trophies but really, you want to win.  And even if you don’t win, chances are you will have a story to tell for many years to come…

What Else?

Entry Fees Include :

  • 2 race shirts **If registered by 9/22**
  • 2 Beer Tickets
  • 2 sides of an epic story

OK Fine. I’ll do it.  Just tell me how to sign up.

Hold your horses, we aren’t just giving away all this fun… It is

  • $60 per couple  **If registered by 9/22**
  • $75 if you procrastinate…so don’t!
  • Free Parking
  • $5 if you want to stay for Corn Maze

Some Downloads

Event Waiver

Agreement Release and Assumption of Risk


Read Carefully and then Click below to select your options, fill out the required registration form and pay.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Teams must be made up of 1 male and 1 female
  2. Both must be 21 years of age on race day
  3. Teammates are not required to be legally married
  4. Helmets are not required
  5. Only special equipment allowed to be worn by the carrier is a belt, which is optional
  6. There is no minimum weight limit for the female competitor
  7. Must sign a waiver on race day (you can download/print/sign and bring with you also)


  1. Competitors run the course 2 at a time in initial heats, with each team being timed. The two fastest teams qualify for a final heat, which may be timed or untimed, with the winner of the final heat being the winner of the event. Because the final heat is determined by time, qualifying teams do not necessarily have to win their initial heat.
  2. If a competitor drops his teammate, their team will be penalized with 5 seconds added to their time.
  3. Teams may not advance on the course without the wife being carried, and will be disqualified if they do so.
  4. There is no restriction on how the female teammate is carried. Several types of carries are commonly used including the Piggyback and the Firemans Carry (over the shoulder) but the most popular is the Estonian Carry (the wife hangs upside down with her legs around the husbands shoulders, holding on to his waist.

For more info about the North American Wife Carrying Organization please visit :

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