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After Hours

After Hours

The Eureka Chamber of Commerce offers our members an avenue to expose their business by sponsoring an After Hours Social Event.

By holding an After Hours Social, your business will gain exposure to the products and services you offer by inviting Chamber members to the function.  It’s an excellent way to market your business.

Below is a general outline listing the expectations from you (the host) as well as some guidelines for the event.

  • Market or promote your event directly with and without the Eureka Chamber. Typically, an after-hours social event includes soft drinks, beer & wine, some type of snack food (such as appetizers or any type) for approximately 50 people. Some after hours have included BBQ, others cheese, crackers, hors d’oeuvres and or finger foods.
  • Clean, safe, and easily accessible hosting area – Some businesses that can not provide this environment choose to host their event at one of the local restaurants or hotels.

  • Business owner, upper-management, and key representatives are expected to be in attendance throughout the event. On the flip side, some Chamber Directors will also attend.

  • This is a networking event, in addition to showcasing your business – The Chamber members will be networking among themselves – ensure that seating arrangements promote open discussion for groups.

  • Schedule your event as far in advance as possible.

  • Ask fellow members of the Chamber to advertise or promote the event.

  • Communicate information about the event to the Membership Committee as timely as possible to ensure proper promotion throughout the Chamber.

  • Ensure that your organization has enough personnel scheduled to properly host the event.

  • Planning tours of your business for small groups? Try a dry-run several times to present the best presentation – have multiple people available to give tours.

  • Promote the event on your business Web site.

  • The Eureka Chamber will post the event on our Web site, in our Chamber Chatter as well as perform a fax & email blast out to all Chamber members. We can make all member (Eureka Businesses) contact information available to you should you wish to promote the event with a mailing.

For questions or to schedule an After Hours Event, contact Shannon Haney, Executive Director at (636) 938-6062 or

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