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President’s Message

docWelcome to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce website.

The Chamber of Commerce plays an integral part in the successful cultivation of a vibrant business community.  As an organization, we are the voice of the business entrepreneurs and small businesses in our town.  We serve our businesses and community by being a liaison between the City and those that provide services for our residents.  When done effectively, the City, businesses, and the residents all appreciate an energized and growing region.  It takes active participation and communication across the board.  A “can do” attitude and a service centered approach can and will accomplish great things in our community.

I am excited about being the Chamber President for 2016.  We have a great Board of Directors and fantastic membership.

Our commitment to our members is to be energized and passionate about our businesses and ultimately their success in Eureka.

Feedback is important to us and will help our growth, so give us your feedback.  If we are doing things that work for you, let us know.  If there are things that we could improve, let us know.  Together, we can make the Chamber and Eureka community one of prosperity and growth.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Chamber event!



Dr. Patrick Feder

Eureka Chamber of Commerce President